Gaku the Great (7/2/2023)
Meet Gaku, a 22-year-old artist on the severe end of the autism spectrum. With an IQ of 25, Gaku struggled for most of his life to connect with others and to find a means to communicate—his speaking skills alone have never advanced further than that of a five-year-old. But despite his limitations in some ways, Gaku has thrived and become a hugely successful artist, collaborating with world-renowned brands and holding more exhibitions than an exhibitionist ever would!

His father, Nori Sato, moved the family to Los Angeles and stayed there for nine years in the hopes of finding the needed care and assistance for his son, all while learning further about raising a child with disabilities. After returning to Kawasaki, Japan, Sato founded I’m INC to pursue a secure and reliable welfare program for his son..........


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